You Can Still Join Medical School Even if You Scored average Grades


From childhood, every one of us had a dream. I know even you, you might have a dream to archive goals. On my side when I was young, I thought I will be either pilot or a police officer but now I don't know what happened now am here struggling with life. What was your dream? Have you archived it? I pray that our future will be bright one day. If you have passionate to become a medical practitioner here is good news. Just sit down and relax as I take you through this interesting article.

The medical field is among the best professional field that most people dream to join. However, sometimes someone may not archive quality grades to enroll in this field. This might be as a result of poor grades in some subjects which are vital to get a chance in the medical field.

Some students passed well and they are preparing themselves to join Universities. But others managed to score D plain and D+. However, scoring these marks in this period of pandemic required these students to work hard.

The good news is that those who might not a chance of scoring sufficient grades such as C+ and above to join Universities. They have another chance of being enrolled in medical schools.

In Kenya Medical Training College, those who might have scored D plain and D+ may join courses such as; certificate in community health, Certificate in nutritional, Certificate in health records, and certificate in health promotion in various campuses located within the country.

For those who are intending to pursue the above courses only, it takes only two years. While those in Diploma, it takes three years.