5 Staggering Scorelines From Today's International Club Friendly Matches


With the international tournament coming to an end, many club teams have started their preseason preparation. Major club tournament commences in mid August and as is expected of many club teams, they ought to prepare in advance and anticipate the seasons matches. Many club teams have played some interesting international club friendlies and these matches are use by most teams and managers as a way of accessing their strength and weaknesses. It must be pointed out that international club friendlies does not always guarantee your win over your opponent in the subsequent season.

I would like us to take a look at some scorelines that were quite fascinating and shocking from todays matches.

From bottom to top,

5. Bologna FC vrs Bagnolese

Bologna last season was 12th on the Italian serie A. Undoubtedly anyone who followed their league can attest to the fact that Bologna was a torn in the flesh of most of the Serie A teams. Check out the score line .

4. Real Sociedad vs Huesca

These two Spanish teams squared off today to test their strength ahead of the season. What came out was am emphatic win by the home team. Check the scores.

3. Elche vs Atromitos

Well Elche that was battling last season to avoid relegation were able to crush the Greek giant FC Atromitos. It could be that Elche is trying to relay an information to the other Spanish teams. Let wait and see what happens next season. Check out the score

2. Torino vs Bobermais

Torino last season couldn't have the best of the season as they escaped relegation by the skin of the teeth. Well it seems they are back to winning ways. Nine out of their 11 players had their names on the score sheet. Check the scores

1. Napoli vs Anaunia

It seems this amateur side were no match for Napoli as they scored them heavily with 9 of their player scoring. What a win.

If these scorelines are anything to go by then next season will be very intriguing and entertaining. Can't wait

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