Attitudes to avoid in order to succeed in life.

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There are enemies of success and life at large. You should be careful and wise not to fall into these bondage of life slavery.

These enemies include the following:

1. Fear.

Prevents you fro taking important opportunities in life.

2. Ignorance.

It is negative because it will prevent you from making the right decisions in life.

3. Anger.

This will make you act on impulse thus preventing you to see clear intentions.

4. Envy.

It will only make you keep your focus on people achievements rather than your personal achievements.

5. Ego.

This just makes you feel like you are better than everyone else,denying you opportunity to learn from others.

6. Doubt.

This denies believe in self and ability to follow dreams in life.

7. Hate.

Hate will make you no to see the good in yourself. Denies you opportunity to be better.

8. Unforgiveness.

This will make you live like a prisoner in your own life.

9. Pride.

Will prevent you from seeing and learning from your past mistakes.


Your lying will make people not to trust you. They may deny you life time opportunities.

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