He will win the next elections- Honorable Kennedy Agyapong causes stir with this comment about JM


The honorable member of parliament, Honorable Kennedy Agyapong has revealed that there is a high probability that the former president, his excellency John Dramani Mahama will win the elections which is to take place in 2024. The honorable member of parliament is very genuine in his speech and in his comments about these issues because he has revealed that there is no better feeling than speaking the truth.

The major question is, why will a member of the new patriotic party and a key player in the victory of the Npp say this about John Dramani Mahama? The Assin central member of parliament, Honorable Kennedy Agyapong whiles commenting on the activities which some parliamentarians and people in authorities revealed that there is no place for incompetence in this government.

But it seems people are riding on the respect and attention which Ghanaians have for Nana Addo to misbehave. And when that happens, Nana Addo is the one disgraced and lambasted by the general public.

Kennedy Agyapong revealed that the new patriotic party must be very focused. He stated this whiles adding that the Ndc came very close to the Npp in the past elections even when the promises made by Nana Addo had been fulfilled to some extent. And this should give them some signals about the coming elections.

If the Ndc present John Mahama once again and the Npp repeat their ways, he will win the next elections with a margin that Ghanaians have never seen before- he stated this with caution to members of the new patriotic party. Kindly comment on what you think about this interview he comment box and share for more.

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