HMM Algeciras is the world's largest ship.


In contrast to a boat, which is typically a smaller craft, a ship is any large floating vessel capable of crossing open waters.

Originally, the term referred to sailing vessels with three or more masts; nowadays, it typically refers to a vessel with a displacement of more than 500 tons.

Regardless of their size, submersible ships are commonly referred to as boats.

Many innovations and branches of engineering are used in ship design that are also used on land, but the demands of successful and secure operation at sea necessitate the supervision of a distinct discipline.

Mega ships have become common in recent years.Oil tankers, cargo carriers, and cruise ships are among the world's biggest ships today.

These ships are called engineering landmarks and aid in the transportation of global trade.

With a size of 24000 TEU, the HMM Algeciras is the world's largest containership.

The Panama-flagged vessel measures 399.9 meters in length and 33.2 meters in depth.

Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering designed and built the ship.

It is one of HMM's twelve 24000 TEU Class eco-friendly container ships planned to reduce the company's environmental impact.