Reactions after The lady who finished large quantity of meal revealed her University course


A Twitter lady known as Queen Mother was trending on Twitter after she shared photos of the what she finished enjoying.She shared before and after photos of the meal she ate and the drinks she drank. Different Twitter users reacted to the photos she shared and she trended.

She posted new photos on Instagram some hours ago.She told her fans that she is a Veterinary medical student.She rocked a white overall which looked good on her. She now looks like a student, her dressing is so fantastic and lovely.

Below is the post she shared about the food she ate.

Below is her caption and her today's Twitter post.

Below is a clearer view of the photos

Below are reactions by people on Twitter.

Queen Mother really looks beautiful in her photos.The photos of the food she ate made her popular and trending on Twitter.Her Lab coat really looked good on her, it was so lovely.

Article in reference to: Twitter.