Just in; Police Finally Reveal Where the Family of Anyang' Nyong'o was During the Robbery Incident

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High cost of living has forced several youths in the country to engage in different crime activities. Some of the youths have been arrested by police officers after stealing while others have lost their lives after being lynched by angry mob.

According to the source, finally the place where the family of Kisumu county governor Anyang' Nyong'o was during the robbery incident on Tuesday this week has been revealed. As per the information revealed by police officers, it has finally confirmed that, the family of the governor was at their home at Milimani Estate and the incident happened at their rural home at Ratta village.

The robbers stole food and some clothes. Police officers are also doing investigations to arrest the suspects. The two police officers who were on duty on that day are being interrogated.

These cases of robbery should be condemned.

Furthermore, remember to sanitize and follow all guidelines from the ministry of health to fight covid-19 infections.

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