I buried my mom alone without my family members & here is why, Lady reveals sad truth

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Family members are supposed to be there for each other when they're in trouble, since they're the only ones who know their history, hardships, and struggles of living together. But for one woman, this didn't happen when her mother died.

A woman recently talked about why she buried her mother alone after the rest of her family decided to leave her. The woman went on to explain on Twitter why and how they ignored her and her mom after her mother died. The young woman continued by saying,

"My aunt and uncles and cousins didn't come to my mom's funeral. My cousins got involved in a fight between our parents' families, which I think is very childish. The day I buried my mother, I stopped talking to everyone. They thought that their moms couldn't die. Look now."

I think that family fights shouldn't be a problem when it comes to funerals. If a family member dies, everyone should put aside their differences and take care of their loved ones and help with the funeral, even if they didn't get along. It also makes peace between people. So I don't think there should be family fights.

People on Twitter were shocked by what they had just read, and many went on to say what they thought about what the young lady had said. Many people said that the young woman should go to the funeral or help out, even if they didn't come to hers.

How do you feel? What do you think about this? If they died, would you go to their funeral? Leave a comment, hit "like," "share," and "follow," and I'll write more articles in the future.

Source: https://twitter.com/PaulinaM1306/status/1525008823370625025?t=vcrZIdRiTSXUNJp5DKFvgw&s=19

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