Most Common Reasons Why People Use Drugs

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Genetics or Family History

If your family has a history with drug addiction and such issues, there are high chances that you might also start using drugs at some point if you will not take good care of yourself. For instance, about 40 to 60 percent of the risk for developing alcohol abuse can be due to genes


You might see how people behave around you when on drugs and you feel like you would like to try it too to get the experience. This is the most common thing that happens especially to young people, they want to experiment out of curiosity. Those individuals who do this are vulnerable to substance and drugs use disorder


Being lonely from other people like family and friends might drive someone into trying out some substance and drugs. Lonely people mostly do this so as to feel happy and escape the reality. 

Peer pressure

This is one of the most common reason why young people decide to use drugs; being influenced by close friends and may be family members. So individual force themselves into trying out various drugs just to feel part of a certain group of people. It might seem fun until one becomes addicted and they aren't able to quit. 


Young people love various types of recreation like parties, events, sports among others. It is in this recreation parties and events that they may start using substances and drugs; they are readily available in most cases. Also some people use drugs or alcohol with their friends as a way to unwind after a stressful day. According to them, using drugs is one of the ways of feeling relaxed and enjoying. 

It is not enough

The feeling one gets after taking alcohol changes after sometimes because the body gets used to it. The feeling one used to have after drinking certain amount of alcohol might not be felt after using the same amount for a long time and one will have to add more. In this situation, you will be left powerless and unable to stop. 

Mental disorder

People with mental issues like depression, anxiety and stress disorder might be at a risk for having an addiction. This might seem like the easiest way out but remember its not the solution because there is help for anyone with mental disorder. 

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