Here is how much ex-cop serial killer Rosemary claimed from policies

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Former policewoman Nomia Rosemary Ndlovu was on trial the past few days for allegedly murdering family members. The accused was arrested for murdering and plotting to kill relatives to cash out on life insurance policies. The ex-cop is facing six charges including fraud, murder, and attempted murder.

Rosemary was behind bars for almost two years following her arrest in 2018. About 30 state witnesses we're lined up to testify against her in the high court in Johannesburg sitting, in the Palm Ridge magistrate court.

1. From Witness Madala Homu, a cousin of her who was murdered in March 2012, she allegedly claimed R131, 000 life policy.

2. Audrey Somisa Ndlovu, who was her sister, was murdered in June 2013. Rosemary allegedly claimed about R717, 000 life policies.

3. Another victim is her boyfriend Mabasa, she cashed out R416, 000 from insurance companies.

4. From Zanele Motha who is her niece, Rosemary cashed out more than R120, 000. Zanele was killed in June 2016.


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