Agradaa Is Wicked And 'Fooling' Christians Who Thinks She Has Repented;Avram Ben Moshe Fumes


Nana Agradaa is serious with her claims of her total repentance and has been given much publicity in the print media and social media platforms. Many Ghanaians are of the firm belief that by now, they expect her to go hide somewhere on a holy ground, go through fasting, prayers and teachings for not less than a year in order for God to work on her fully.

Social media for now must be strictly avoided by her. All she desires now is the Holy Spirit fulfillment. There should be separation until God equip her, then after she can come back and preach to them and get them along. 

Don’t be in haste to crucify her . No matter what you think about her, give her the benefit of the doubt. God can use anyone including you. Don’t forget Peter, Ananias, including all the Apostles of Christ doubted Paul’s repentance, yet he became the first. 

Some still judge her for her past deeds. The President and leader of common sense family Avram Ben Moshe has once again admonished Christians to be watchful and not be fooled by the so-called repentance of the fetish priestess.

On Adom FM's entertainment program, he alleged that he met Agradaa at a function and told her, he wanted to come for 'Sika Gari'. Agradaa denied him his request and told him not to come there. Agradaa will be scamming pro max and it will no longer be sika Gari' but oil Gari', she will sell things and give fake spiritual directions.

You can't join Christianity in less than a month and claim you are an evangelist. What training does she have to go about preaching to people? Agradaa is wicked and Christians must be careful with her.

You can watch the full video here.