Nakuru Woman Narrates Experience of Living with an Abusive Husband


Sexual and Gender Based Violence commonly known as SGBV has been on the rise in the country with couples turning against each.

Not a day that passes without a case if a man or woman being killed by the other over marital misunderstandings.

A woman identified as Vivian Wangari from Free area in Nakuru has recently narrated to Nation Media of how her abusive husband as turned her life to a living hell.

According to the 28-year-old mother of four children, the husband who mostly comes home drunk, beats her daily to the verge of death.

However with the hope that her marriage will work out and considering her poor background, she always found herself sticking to the man.

In one incidence, Vivian narrated how her husband almost killed her and her unborn baby after he kicked her on the stomach leading to her hospitalization.

Through the help of doctors, the pregnancy which was at the verge of being miscarried contained it until she gave birth.

Ms. Vivian who is requesting government to çome to her rescue said that she has on many occassions thought of taking her own life but the thought of leaving her children at the hands of her husband changes her mind.

Kenyans have in solidarity called upon Kenyan women to stay away from abusive husbands. They are also calling upon any oerson who may be exposed to GBV to walk out or report to the relevan authorities before it is too late.

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