Woman In Homabay County Beheads Son With Panga For Allegedly Refusing To Breastfeed


A mother in Ndiwa, Homabay County has taken neighbors, family and friends in deep shock after beheading her one year old son after he refused to breastfeed. It's stated that 23 year old Night Akoth got angry after her 3rd born refused to feed making her pick a panga and chopping of his head.

Akoth who is in custody was arrested and saved from a rowdy crowd that wanted to attack her by police. The area chief confirmed that the suspect was indeed mentally ill and at the time of the incident, she was alone with the kids.

According to police reports, she completely chopped off her baby's head separating it from the body leaving it in a pool of blood before neighbors rushed to check what was going on.

Neighbors are said to have found her red-handed, tied her with ropes and alerted their area chief. She later on confessed to have killed her son furthermore showing police officers where her son's body was. Her son died on the spot.

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