GER 4-0 MAC: 2 Things Noticed About Timo Werner That He Needs To Learn To Improve His Performance

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Germany and North Macedonia clashed in today's UEFA World Cup Qualifying fixture at the Todor Proeski Arena. Germany cruised to a comfortable 4-0 win in their 8th game of the qualification round. Today's victory helped Germany climb on top of Group J with 19 points in 7 matches and are 8 points ahead of second-placed, North Macedonia.

Chelsea striker Timo Werner was in action for Belgium tonight as he represent his country in the international break. Chelsea fans watched Timo Werner's game against North Macedonia tonight and spotted two things in his game that Timo Werner needs to improve to become a world-class player.

1. Dribbling skills:

Timo Werner may be fast and pacy but the German winger dribbling skill is poor and needs to improve. Timo Werner constantly struggles to dribble past a defender and most times prefer to run with the ball instead of eliminating the player with a simple dribble.

In today's match, Timo Werner was unable to dribble past North Macedonia players on different occasions and most time lost possession while trying to dribble them. To be a successful winger or a supporting striker, you must have good dribbling skills hence while players like Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are considered great players because of their dribbling ability.

Timo Werner must improve his dribbling skills and techniques if he must become a German and Chelsea legend.

2. Timo Werner should always take responsibility and offer more in matches:

Timo Werner always shies away from taking responsibilities in matches as can be seen in his performance for Chelsea. Timo Werner bad form at Chelsea has made him lose much confidence in himself to the extent he struggles to do the simplest things in matches. He needs to build up his confidence and start taking responsibility in order boost his morale, improve his confidence and rating.

It's obvious Timo Werner is scared of missing goal-scoring chances as he rarely attempts to shoot from a far distance. Timo Werner should boost his confidence by taking responsibility in matches by giving all his best.

Timo Werner has a lot of work to do if he wants to become a legend for Germany as he must take note of these two things highlighted by concerned Chelsea fans.

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