My ex impregnated three women before our wedding - Naana Agyemang

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Mental health advocate and life coach Naana Lexis Opoku-Agyemang has disclosed that she called off her wedding after finding out that her prospective husband had impregnated three women simultaneously.           

Naana shared her heartbreak story on SVTV Africa, stating that she deferred her course in South Africa for the wedding. However, she had to cancel the wedding and pay the cost of the planned ceremony. 

“This was three months before our wedding, and we had planned everything. But later, I found out my ex had impregnated three women, and he kept lying to me. The fact that he lied about being the father is a lot.”

“Some of the women contacted me directly telling me about opting for abortion. I had to decide to step away because I’m sure I wouldn’t have been happy if I went into the marriage,” she recounted. 

Moreover, Miss Opoku Agyemang advised that people hoping to find a partner must be cautious of the person’s personality. She mentioned four types of identities and indicated that people must note who their partners are and decide whether they can stay with them based on their personality types.

“The types are melancholic, choleric, phlegmatic, and sanguine. Each individual has a little of all these, but some are more dominant than others. Also, others have a combination of two or more,” she added. 

Miss Opoku-Agyemang is also a mental health advocate. She takes it as a social responsibility to educate high school students, especially on the stigma attached to mental health.

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