"No Condition is Permanent" See Recent Photos Of Jaden Smith That Shows He Has Changed His Looks


Jaden Smith rose to fame when he played the remake of the 1984 film, Karate Kid, in 2010. He was 12 at the time. The film was a great success and immediately propelled the youngster to stardom.

The popular actor's son, Will Smith, has been in the news for about 3 years now that he has started to look slim with a pale face and disgusting teeth. Fast forward to 2016/17, his cuteness drastically wore off. He turned pale, thin to the point that his cheekbones were full screen.

What caught people's attention the most was his kindness. He looked more like the cutest version of his father, Will Smith. Jadon Smith was taking over his father's lifestyle as a vegetarian - apparently it didn't work for him. This resulted in health problems.

Here are photos of his old looks:

It was later revealed that he suffered from a deficiency of vitamin B12, omega 3 and vitamin D, which resulted in sensitivity to gluten-free and milk. This was all due to the fact that he did not eat meat and fish.

Rapper appeared to be shooting a new music video. He looked very colorful with a matching jacket and pants and New Balance sneakers. He also brought a car that rhymed in colour with his outfit. The talented youngster has been seen doing plenty of moves, including Michael Jackson's moonwalk.

He was also seen directing the shots as he occasionally checked out what the videographer had captured after each shoot.

Check out some of his 2021 photos:

Jadon, however, has since returned to a normal diet and improved his appearance. The removal of the vegetarian lifestyle is gradually bringing back the cute jadon Smith we used to know.

How he looked was most surprising to people. He looked healthier and better than he's been looking for the last three years.

Between his old looks and his new looks which one is better? don't forget to share your opinions with us

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