Meet the Little Known Sarah Cheruiyot Whose Son Is a Political Bigwig in Kenyan Politics

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The chief hustler dp Ruto has risen against all odds to be the position of the deputy president. Despite his success in politics, he has kept his family out of the limelight successfully.

His mother Sarah Cheruiyot who hails from Turbo constituency in Rift Valley is described as an humble mother and God fearing. Ruto describes her as a motivational speaker on matters of the church and education.

He says that his mother ensured that they went to school. Something that inspired him most. He also says that his mother never went to school but she has a special talent. She knows all the songs in the hymn book. Though she never went to school, she knows the pages where the hymns are and she is also able to read in Kalenjin language.

Ruto has managed to convince the voters about his hustler movement and also his generosity to give. He now among the top politicians who are expected to win the presidential race come August 9th this year.

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