Group of Teachers Likely to Be Employed By TSC in Coming Recruitment

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Teachers services Commission on Tuesday announced recruitment of 2,945 teachers to replace those who exited services through natural attrition. Application is ongoing an thousands of unemployed teachers are hopeful to secure employment on permanent and pensionable terms.

However not all teachers stand highest chance to secure employment. Today I look at teachers who are likely to be employed. First group of teachers who stand great chance to get employed are intern teachers. Last year this group of teachers were awarded 30 free marks, TSC may once again award intern teachers more marks to absorb them.

Another group of teachers who may be absorbed are teachers with the following subject combination. This are hotcake combinations and any teacher with the following combination stands a high chance to be absorbed by TSC.

1. Physics/Chemistry

2. Computer/Any

3. Homescience/ Any

4. Biology/Agriculture

5. Business/Geography

6. Music/Any.

2017 graduates also stand a big chance to be employed this year.

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