'This Is Very Sad Indeed:A 16 Year Old Girl Passed Away After This Happened To Her

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A 16-year-old young woman was injured continually in Hammanskraal today, 26 November 2021. Gontse Malatji Was evidently cut on various occasions by her long term previous darling, Ntateko Masha. The deplorable event occurred in Stinkwater, Hammanskraal. As demonstrated by witnesses it is stated that the setback was stirred up with her killer inside shack that was locked, they later heard her yelling for help then when people went to help her...it was observed that she had at this point been killed. 


Sexual direction based violence impacts a lot of South African women and nothing is being done concerning this, the public authority should act conclusively because women are failing miserably in the ownership of men. A huge load of men are pulling off whipping and killing woman, the public authority should at least present a death penalty so these hooligans can be dealt with the way where they ought to be. It was not communicated accepting this individual has been caught or not, yet numerous people are believing that he has and ought not get any bail. 


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