Romantic gestures and their intended meanings in a relationship

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1. Hands on face.

Wanting to convey love non verbally.

2. Hands on neck.

Protectiveness, wishing to increase intimacy and trying to express comfort.

3. Rubbing your palm.

A way to comfort yourself, a way to get another’s attention.

4. Clasping their arm with yours

Friendship, wanting security or wanting guidance.

5. Touching your hair.

Expressing familiarity or a need to be closer. You only use this type of touch if you are comfortable with someone. It can be relaxing and soothing.

6. Resting head on shoulders.

Expressing familiarity and comfort, wanting to be closer and asking for affection.

7. Holding one’s hand

A plea for closeness, guidance, a need for security, solidification of a friendship or pact and reaching out to make a connection.

8. Footsie.

Footsie is playful, childlike and can even show a flirty element.

9. Massage.

A massage for money is a service, but with a partner, it is comforting and soothing. It is a form of relaxation, pain relief and even sensual.

10 . Kiss on the neck.

A kiss on the neck is almost always special. It happens when someone wants to display passion.

11 . Kiss on the forehead.

A kiss on the forehead is sweet and endearing. It shows comfort and love, whether romantic or familial. It is often a kiss of protection, sadness or saying goodbye.

12. Hand squeezing.

Hand squeezing is a physical touch signifying intensity. This can mean fear, nerves, anxiety, happiness or excitement. It is a silent way to show a strong emotion to someone you trust.

13. Tickle.

A tickle is a physical touch meaning fun. It is a playful way to make someone laugh and loosen up.

14. Walking arm in arm.

Walking arm in arm is a more traditional and supportive way of holding hands. Your bodies are closer and you are interlocked in more ways nearer to your heart.

15. Back scratch.

A back scratch is for comfort. Whether you release an itch or offer a mothering touch, it is intimate and tender.

16. Kiss on the cheek.

A kiss on a cheek is usually a greeting of some sort. This varies from culture to culture but is a way to say hello or goodbye.

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