Before You Sleep This Thursday Night, Say These Words Of Prayer


Mighty God,the king of the universe,the king over all things,the one who rules over all things. To you we come. We humble ourselves before you for you to lift us up. We honour your name because you are the Lord. You are the one who makes everything possible. We know that with you nothing shall be impossible.

You are God, there is none like you. You have power over all things and you rule the universe. No power is comparable to you. You are unique.

As we come to you this night, shower your mercy upon our lives and make your name to be glorified.

These are the prayers you should say before you sleep tonight;

- Ancient of days, you are the one that have been in existence from the foundation of the earth, you know all things. I pray that you will make everything that you have planned for me to come true in the name of Jesus Christ.

- You said in your words that "with you, nothing shall be impossible", everything that seems impossible in my life, I pray that you the Lord will make it possible.

- Father in heaven, I plea for mercy, please have mercy upon my life and make my life to experience divine favour from you.

- You are the God of all flesh. I pray that you will make my life to be a channel of blessings to others in the name of Jesus Christ.

- Oh God, you are the one that made dry bone to live again. You are the one that rised a dead body, I pray that everything that needs your touch in my life, you will touch it in Jesus name.

- Everything that is making me to fear, I pray that the Lord will make it go well in Jesus name.