Mzansi advice Thando to leave the marriage, here us what Syacela said that Amazed many people

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On # isencanelengane tonight

Dlamuka and Thando, who haven't been home in weeks, are stressed about Siyacela.

"This must really be my most unbelievable show on the channel. It doesn't do it for me until further notice. Maybe I'll like it if I keep watching it off chance. Whatever it is, you're the whole mind, except Moja Love Channel. Thando fled Sthupheti. Thando escaped. In your life, he's just a toxin. You're more than developed. For you there's a decent man hanging tight. Let one manufacturer give a tip to get away. She is a committed young woman who just needs to be educated.

The lady must escape the wedding. You can't be with anyone who's not looking at you. Imagine Ugogo taking him on a scenario

Hm, unholy boy, without a mother, especially in multiple marriages, it's difficult to be brought up. Huuu, I believe anywhere you are protected. What is your name, Mara? What is your name? Thando about? Still, maybe you've left her. As a result of you, she is there. Siyacela's not worth my sister....definitely she's not a spouse's material. But Siycela is not another significant... Before they have children, I wish she could see it. Because once children are included it becomes more tricky. I would like them to never be hitched... They're only in a relationship, however. She ought to collect and go her sacks. These are the characteristics. She's supposed to go to her father and take her tests. For her, there's no future. Siyacela's an impure ruined." A supporter of Facebook said.


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