How to get rid of dark spots in a week


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Now, what are darkspots? Dark spots are facial problems caused by bacteria that extract all the moisture available in the facial muscles, making them turn black and also creating holes in the system. These spots destroys the beauty of many women. So if you want to get rid of these darkspots then continue reading this article.

1. Always keep hydrated: You may ask, why is keeping hydrated involved. If you drink water, 35 percent of the water you take in serves as moisture for the facial muscles. So if the bacteria extracts moisture there is some still available.

2. Apply aloe Vera 3 times daily: Also, the aloe Vera plant is a number one killer of dark spots. The mineral salts and vitamins in it helps burn darkspots even after they appear.

3. Using cucumber: Cucumber is also like the aloe Vera. But the difference is that, the cucumber cures and clears dark spots meanwhile making the face smooth and nourishing.

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