Mr. Ablakwa’s return and his disappointment.


Some of the greatest fear and experiences we have in life are those sad things that happened to us unexpectedly. This unexpected dose of shock is part of what makes returning back home from overseas, after years of hard work becomes so difficult for some Ghanaians. 

When thinking of moving back home from oversea, after retirement, especially when you are expecting to come back home and enjoy your privacy, in your own home, you must be very certain you don’t run into a lifetime shock.

Mr. Ablakwa returned home to meet his worst fear focuses on the some dangers that come with entrusting the construction of buildings in the care of our family members… whiles we were away. As the saying goes, “build your retirement home before you retire, whether you buy a home or build it yourself; just make sure you see your retirement home eye for eye before you retire there.

Mr. Ablakwa was a Ghanaian living and working happily in Canada. After working for many years and saving so much money, Mr. Ablakwa decided to send some money home for the construction of his dream retirement home.

After sometimes of thinking of who to entrust, with his dream home, Mr. Ablakwa finally phone-called his nephew Atigah who leave and works in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana. He disclosed his building plans with Atigah, who agreed to be in charge; and build that dream home for him. 

Mr. Ablakwa; having no doubts for his Nephew, started sending him money for the construction.  He entrusted fully; the building of his retirement home with his nephew, not knowing how irresponsible he is, and the shock that awaits him (Mr. Ablakwa).

It ended up that, after many years of hard work in Canada, Mr. Ablakwa finally retires, and is now ready to return home to Ghana happily, to enjoy the rest of his life in his retirement home. It was just a matter of time; that he realized that, all the monies he has been sending for land, building materials and the rest, have all been robbed from him by Atigah his Nephew.  

Mr. Ablakwa returned to Ghana just to realize that; all the pictures of land sent to him, picture of a beautiful building sent to him by his nephew, claiming are for him (Mr. Ablakwa), were all fake and lies. There was no land for him, there was no house built for him…his nephew was nowhere to be found.

 Whiles Mr. Ablakwa was busy working hard oversea, and sending money home for his retirement house, his nephew was also busy using the money for his own purposes; yet when Mr. Ablakwa return home, he met not even a land to call his own. 

It is not really a bad idea putting a family member in charge of your building project, but the question is…how well you trust him or her. 

Whatever building plan or size you have doesn’t matter here; all that matters and is very vital to your retirement enjoyment is; you want to get a building early enough, and to get it into shape before you do retire. This means you don't want to retire, and then go meet the shock of your life.

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