"Do It Immediately, Kenyans Are Suffering" Raila Gets On Uhuru's Neck Over the Hike in Fuel Price

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ODM leader Raila Odinga has now come out boldly as the country's opposition leader to reprimand the government led by his handshake partner Uhuru Kenya on the sharp increase in fuel price.

This after heavy protests made along various streets in the country especially in one of his political bedrocks, Migori County where most of the residents left aside their daily operation activities to take their anger to the street while calling him to intervene over the issue.

And according to Raila in response to such calls, he has come out to face the government by urging them to consider the current situation in the country about Covid-19 effects.

By saying that, he has defended Kenyans by calling for the immediate reduction of fuel prices to ease the heavy burden of the high cost of living to ordinary Kenyans.

The message itself seems to have been directed to the head of state Uhuru Kenyatta and his men working under him in the field of Energy.

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