Guaranteed Traditional Outfits that can definitely make any woman look like a wife material

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This article is an appreciation to South African traditions and diversity of cultures.

Here is why South Africa is considered to have most beautiful and respectful women in southern Africa region.

South Africa is blessed with diverse mix of cultures, religions and ethnic groups that has given rise to variety of traditional dresses. In Mzansi we have have over ten different African cultures.

Here is a look of Guaranteed Traditional Outfits that can make any woman look like a wife material.

Xhosa Woman

The Xhosa culture has a complex dress code highly influenced by ancient origin of beliefs and social standings, women's dress features beautiful beadwork, bold bright printed fabrics and accessories that shows different stages of life.

Main items of clothing include long skirts and aprons covered in beautiful embroidered fabrics also goes with a necklace called ithumbu as well as beaded bracelets on wrist and ankles.

Zulu Woman

In Zulu culture woman has their own different attire defined by stages of life, a young single woman wears her hair short and short grass reed skirt embellished with beads, while an engaged woman covers their breast and allowedcto grow their hair.


The Unique Ndebele woman are known for their bright colors and the main element of a Ndebele woman dress code is an apron. These aprons are called isiphephetu given to young women by their mothers.

Which Tradition would you marry to or think looks better on women ?

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