5 Things Your Lady Will Enjoy If You Do.


It's undeniable that there are particular things that women find interesting and put a smile on thier face and this has been men’s constant struggle; the things they can do to their women to make them smile.

These are proven things that women do enjoy but will not bluntly speak it to you;

To begin with, women enjoy when their men simply spend time with them. They love it when they are able to keep their men’s company and a quality time will also go a long way to fortify the love and intimacy between the man and the women. So, go ahead and spend some time with them when they say they are bored. They really love that and it makes them happy without realizing it themselves. As a matter of fact, your presence makes a lot of difference in your woman’s life.

Secondly you need to call your woman often. As much as this is a mere communication to create a connection, especially when you are not around, this is also a good indication to the woman that her man constantly has her in man and that, they find very pleasing. This is another form of contact where a physical one is not possible and a proven means to make her very happy.

Thirdly, give your woman money. Spend on her. Don’t conclude that women who like to be showered with money are gold diggers. No. Naturally women like to be pampered and it is money that makes this pampering possible. I am not encouraging you to break your back and steal to make your woman happy. A woman who is not a gold digger will even appreciate the little you spend on her. There is nothing wrong with giving your woman money because we all know that money is an important factor in a relationship.

Lastly, learn to encourage your woman. It makes them happy that their man is the only one who totally believes in her and believes in her aspiration. It is good to cheer your woman on and be her only hype man. Tell her positive things that will fire her up to achieve more in life and she will always be happy around you.

These may seem petty and little things to do to make a woman smile but believe me, women do find satisfaction and appreciation in little things that has been done with minimal effort. It is not always about being grand about the love you shower on your woman.

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