Secret About Every May Born

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What does the month in which you were born says about your life?

The month of our birth tells many things about our personality and nature.

Astrology can help us know what the month in which we were born says about us. According to astrology, many merits are also found in the people born in the month of May. People born in the month of May can be grouped into two based on their zodiac signs. There are two different zodiac signs that gives description of people born in the month of May. These astrological signs ( zodiacal signs) are; 

Taurus and Geminis sign. 

May babies born between; May 1st and 21st fall under Taurus' sign while May babies born between; May 21st to 31st fall under Geminis sign. 

Qualities associated with these zodiac signs are determination, patience, respect and many more. This article is about secret of every May born. Let's dive into it. 

Positive Characters:

   1. Trustworthy:

People born in the month of May are very secretive. They are very good when it comes to keeping of secrets, that's making them reliable people that you can trust in terms of sharing of secrets and discussing something important with. 


   2. Understanding:

People born in May are very simple in terms of understanding. They are agree to things that they think can help them easily. 

   3. Kind:

People born in May are very good when it comes to giving. They are the type of people that opens their hands without expecting anything in returns. They get worried when someone is indeed of something. 


    4. Self-motivated:

They always motivate themselves and never stop working hard to achieve their goal. This attitude helps them to become great people in life because they don't give up easily.

    5. Big dreamers:

They are people that dream about achieving big things in life. For instance dreaming about traveling to experience how life is in different places. 

   6. Romantic:

People born in the month of May are very romantic. They treat their partners in a lovely way. They care about their love ones, respect them and many more. 

Negative Characters:

    1. Quick tempered:

People born in the month of May get angry very fast. They may get angry on anything bad you do them. One thing is that, when they are angry they don't talk and it doesn't last longer too. People born in May are dynamic. So know how to deal or play with them. 


   2. Jealous:

Are you into a relationship with someone born in May?

When you are into a relationship with a May born don't be surprised about this. They are Jealous in their relationship. They want their partners to be with them always. They are the jealous-type that doesn't want their partners to see. They feel uncomfortable when they see their partner talking to an opposite sex. 

  3. Stubborn:

Hope you are not surprised?

May babies are very stubborn. When they makeup their mind to do something bad nothing can stop them.

These are some secrets about every May born. 

Hope you enjoyed reading it?  

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