6 Simple Ways Nigeria Can Tackle Terrorism, Kidnap, Herdsmen And Other Insecurities In The Country


Insecurities is virtually everywhere around the globe but, that in Africa especially Nigeria is growing everyday and it is affecting alot of people in the country. Below are some ways in which insecurity in Nigeria can be tackle so that peace can reign again

Insecurity is a major set back in the country recently and I think that with some of the few points I will highlight below might help in terminating insecurities in the nation. Recently in iworri, about a day ago unknown gunmen attack and killed about 20 people in the vicinity many videos of the incident surface online

How Nigeria can solve the insecurities issues

Here are some of the major ways Nigeria can resolve the issues of the insecurity like kidnappings, bandits, herdsmen and rape

1. Vote out corrupt leaders

Nigeria is one of the most corrupt countries in the whole world, and if we can vote out most of the leaders which smile and tell you they will work with the citizens but go behind and send bandits to kill innocent people, this will be the first thing to do next year is to vote out the corrupt leaders

2. Employment and job creation for the youths

Most of the activities like kidnapping, arm robbery, rape and even terrorism are been carried out by the youths who have nothing doing, if the government can create job opportunities for most of the undergraduate out there, they will be engage and won't have time to steal and do more of this things

3. Advance technology system like forensic sciences

Nigeria need to start using the best system of detecting criminals by using the forensic science, this will help in crime investigation and if people are aware that the government are using this method to catch criminals then they won't want to steal again, which will reduce the rate at which crime will be in the country

4. Punishing offenders

People that go against the law like rapists should go unpunish, today another case of a man who rape a 7 year old waa trending and the government won't take a serious action for it which will encourage more rape in the country. Punishing offenders will be one of the most important thing to do if been caught

5. Praying for the country too is important

Forget weather you are a Muslim, Christian or a pagan, the country needs prayers because God will surely answer our prayers if we continue to pray. Some people think is a religious war but nobody knows the truth

6. Retiring of age force men and recruitment vibrant youths

This is one of the most important thing because how can a 60 year old man be in a war front, he don't have any strength to fight while strong youths are out there doing nothing but thinking of how to rob or do something because they are jobless

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