The importance of career development in an organization: an expert’s opinion

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Barrister Justin Ishaya Dodo

The importance of career development in an organization cannot be over-emphasized. In essence, an organization will be demonstrating how much it values its human resources if their career development is given serious attention.

An expert on human resource management, Barrister Justin Ishaya Dodo lends credence to the fact that the career development of staff of an organization is vital.

Barrister Justin Ishaya Dodo is speaking from a vantage point besides being an expert on human resources management. He is the Executive Director, Human Resources and Corporate Services of Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN). He throws lights on the topic while chatting with Newsmen in Abuja.

Barrister Dodo defines employee career development as the process of training the employees of an organization so that they can fit into the company’s set objectives.

He emphasizes the need for an organization to adequately prepare before embarking on training, the organization has to come up with adequate training needs. The training needs to increase the knowledge and sharpen the skills of the employees at the end of the exercise”.

According to Barr. Dodo, there are two types of training an organization can approve for their employees. One of which is study leave with pay; the other is study leave without pay.

He explains that before an employee can be allowed to go for study leave with pay, particularly in the organization where he is the Executive Director, Human Resource and Corporate Services, Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN), such employee must have worked for at least five years.

A member of staff can also go for study leave without pay, provided his employment has been confirmed. According to Barr. Dodo, confirmation of an employee’s appointment comes up after one year of probation. This is in TCN which might vary from the procedure of other organizations.

Furthermore, on Study leave with pay, Barr. Dodo says that TCN allows study leave with pay for training that will not exceed one year. He points out that a member of staff shall sign a bond that he or she must serve the company for at least three years after the training before asking for resignation.

On the other hand, he says that when a member of staff goes on study leave without pay, his or her position in the organization becomes vacant. Such a person can only be taken back or rehired by the organization after training if there is a new vacancy.

He further highlights some regulations or rules governing study leave. “There are rules governing study leave, it must be a weekend program. It must be within some kilometers away from the company”.

Barr. Justin Ishaya Dodo furthermore, highlights types of career development programs, “Apart from classroom training staff do go for seminars, workshops, refresher courses, etc.”

On the impact of career development, he says that the organization as well as its employees is positively affected. According to him, the organization will have the right people, the right skills and the right capacities at the right time. This will enhance the productivity of the workers.

He concludes the media chat by saying that, “A company that wants to move from inefficiency to efficiency must develop its staff, because it adds value to the staff, makes him efficient and relevant to the company”.


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