The Importance of High Standards Women should Know

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1.High standards protect you from toxic people

When I had my children I decided to weed out many people in my life. The reason was because I wanted only high quality people around my children. People who were strong, happy, healthy, positive, and supportive.

2.You will thrive in your career

If you are working at becoming more successful in your career, having high standards for yourself and your place of work is going to be very beneficial to you. You know your worth, you will not tolerate mistreatment, and you are prepared to move on to a different company if you don’t receive the pay that you are worth or if the environment is toxic.

3. High standards protect you from men who want to wast your time

Men will only treat you the way you allow them to treat you. You get to decide what kind of relationship you are in. By having high standards, you are ensuring that you have a healthy, positive relationship. You are able to identify when a man is not treating you properly and you have the confidence to let them go because they are not reaching your standards.

4. You will have more confidence and self esteem

When you know you are holding yourself in the highest regard and requiring others around you to be on your leve, it makes you feel confident, powerful, strong, like you can take over the world. It makes you feel more secure with yourself because you know you are constantly protecting the energy around you

5.People have a lot more respect for women with high standards

It should be no surprise that people are watching how you behave, how you treat others, and how you treat yourself. People have a lot more respect for a woman with high standards. There will be some people who are intimidated, but that is a result of their own insecurity. 

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