Facts About Mombasa County That You Probably Didn’t Know

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Mombasa is a big city which is located in the coast of Kenya, and it has a large number of people. It contains over 900,000 people, and it has all types of tribes. Let us look at some facts about Mombasa, and we will see it’s major landmarks.

1. It houses the Diani beach.

Diani beach is found in Mombasa, and it always attract many tourist. Diana beach is surrounded with beautiful trees, and it also has cool climate. The tourist likes visiting in Diani beach, and they have been going there since time immemorial.

The tourist like viewing sunset at Diani beach, and they also like viewing sun as it rises on the beach. Diani beach is surrounded with good hotels, and many people like spending their time there 

2. It houses the old town.

The Portuguese build the old town, and they left it. The old town has been hosting many tourist, therefore it has become very famous. The old town contains narrow passage, and the passage is well decorated.

3. The mandhry mosque.

This mosque is situated in old Town, therefore many tourist like visiting it. The mosque was used for religious purposes, and it has become an historical site. Thousands of tourist like taking photos inside it, so that they can show off to their fellows.

4. The Fort Jesus.

It is found in Mombasa, and it has stayed there for ages now. This monument acts as a tourist site, and many tourist are always excited to see it. This place was used by the Portuguese, and they could see their enemies clearly from it. The Fort Jesus acted as a defense center, therefore the Portuguese made it with great techniques.

5. The Jain temple.

This temple was build in Mombasa long time ago, and it has been serving as an historical site. It has great paintings on its walls, and the building has been greatly designed. Many tourist like visiting it, so that they can learn about it.

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