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"The fault is not in our stars, but in ourselves that we are underlings" - Julius Caesar

The presidency of Nigeria bears enormous responsibilities and powers. The Nigerian constitution(1999) as amended ensures this.

The Nigerian President is Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of Nigeria, he appoints the Inspector General of Police, Chief Justice of Nigeria, Ambassadors, Ministers, Head of parastatals and government agencies, He is also to prepare a budget, worth trillions of Naira for the Nation and execute it upon approval by the National assembly.

The National assembly is to approve some of this appointments and also the budget. However in a nation of over two hundred million people, where about half of them live on less than one dollar a day, it becomes easy to coerce the national assembly to do his bidding if he is so disposed.

This makes the Nigerian President, the most powerful man on earth, because, in USA where the Presidential system is also practiced, the senators and house of representative members, being wealthy men themselves can hardly be compromised. In any case the level of education and transparency in that clime allows no room for shady approvals or decisions.

For President Buhari of Nigeria to carry such enormous powers, in spite of his age, and state of health is amazing.

He is the husband of one Wife which shows discipline in an area where people are allowed to marry up to four wives. He has zero tolerance for corruption, hence his anti corruption drives and prosecution, using the EFCC and other agencies. He has initiated many empowerment programmes such as the Npower, Anchor borrowers programme, school feeding programme, amongst others. He is working on the second Niger bridge, railway lines across the country. He is against terrorism - whether by Fulani herdsmen or any other group.

Why then is there so much insecurity and blood letting in the land inspite of a president who means well? The answer should lie in ourselves; for was it not late President Kennedy of USA who said "ask not what your Country can do for you, but what you can do for Country".

Each and everyone of us, from Governors, senators, House of Rep members, Traditional Rulers, Civil Servants, Parents. Students, student unions, etc., must all resolve to work for a better Nigeria.

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