Owami Mafokate is slaying this season : OPINION.

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Hello everyone, welcome back to another one of my shortest articles about Owami Mafokate, the daughter of the famous Arthur Mafokate who is a Soutb African musician.

Owami took after her dad, she is also in the music industry as she is a well known female DJ in Mzansi, a lot of her fans and followers really like how she plays with music on stage. Her perfomances always leaves the crowd wanting more of her music, she sure knows how to play the djing discs.

She is also into fashion, as you can see her different outfits in the above pictures, she slays every outfit she wears and her style is so unique from others. She has over 300k followers on her instagram page and a lot of her fans and followers love her fashion sense of style because she is slaying. This was my opinion guys about Owami Mafokate, you can share yours in the comments below and follow me for more daily short articles.

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