Check Out Photos Of A Beautiful Young Lady With Beards


According to Guinness Book of Records, this lady named Harnaam Kaur is a very beautiful lady still at her tender age and full of man beards is not that gorgeous?

She was born on the 29th of November 1990 and started having facial hairs at the age of 11years. She was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome, this explains why she has the ability to form facial hair on her face because of much more testosterone level.

She used to shave off the hairs before but decided to leave it due to the fact she fell different and special by the beards.

She faced a lot of humiliation and critics when growing up because of her beards which made her hate school because her peers are usual stab her with pens and throw a ball at her because of her looks. She faced bullying from different people and individuals trying to pull her down but often times she stayed up strong.

She is the first female with beards to walk the runway at London fashion week. She overcame her fear and oppression, she faced and got awarded the Prettiest female with full beards.

 Source: Guinness World Records 

What can you say about this, it you are a lady, do you love to have a beard?