Why Pregnant Women Should Take In Why Pregnant Women Should Take In More Calcium And Calcium-rich Foods


Your body takes calcium from your own bones or teeth to offer it to your little one. So in the event that you need your bones and teeth to remain solid, you need to get additional calcium while your child's developing inside you. 

How Calcium Helps You 

Everybody needs this fundamental mineral every day. Other than building teeth and bones, calcium additionally keeps your blood and muscles moving and assists your nerves with sending messages from your cerebrum to the remainder of your body. 

Your body can't make calcium, so you need to get it from food or enhancements. While you're pregnant, attempt to get in any event 1,000 mg of calcium consistently. Assuming you're 18 or more youthful, you need at any rate 1,300 mg of calcium consistently. 

Food sources High in Calcium 

Dairy food sources like milk, cheddar, and yogurt are probably the best wellsprings of calcium.

Dull, verdant green vegetables likewise have calcium yet in a lot more modest sums. 

A few food sources have calcium added to them, including calcium-sustained cereal, bread, squeezed orange, and soy drinks. Check food marks to know without a doubt. 

There are a lot of calcium-rich food varieties for you to look over. 

415 mg: Yogurt, 8 oz, plain low-fat 

375 mg: Orange juice, 6 oz of calcium-braced OJ 

325 mg: Sardines, 3 oz canned with bones in oil 

307 mg: cheddar, 1.5 oz 

299 mg: Milk, 8 oz nonfat 

253 mg: Tofu, 1/2 cup, firm, made with calcium sulfate 

181 mg: Salmon, 3 oz canned with bones 

100 to 1,000 mg: Cereal, 1 cup of calcium-strengthened sorts 

94 mg: Kale, 1 cup, cooked 

80 to 500 mg: Soy refreshment, 8 oz, calcium-braced.

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