NPP must fix their communication : Vim Lady

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Afia Pokua popularly known in our media circles as Vim Lady has asked the new patriotic party to as matter of urgency take a closer look at how they communicate with the people of Ghana.

This statement from Afia Pokua popularly known as Vim Lady comes a result of the fall out of the fixthecountry campaign.

Fixthecountry campaign started on twitter and it's a pressure group which seem to put the government on it toes to address all teething problems of the state.

It is evidently clear that,the nation has been plaqued with too many problems from time immemorial and it seems subsequent governments have done practically nothing to reduce these hardships.

Undoubtedly,the hardships keep rising despite the numerous promises from the NPP led administration. This government has encountered some challenges though as a result of the covid pandemic.

Our country now faces problems like water problems as a result of the illegal mining menace popularly known as galamsey, bad roads, unemployment and the worse of it all,the increasing cost of living as a result of the numerous taxes that have been imposed on Ghananians without any Increments in wages.

Now young people find it difficult to cope with living since most are unemployed and has to deal with high cost of living across the length and breadth of the country.

Unfortunately the group of youths that are trying to put pressure on the government to fix the country have faced some fierced opposition.

It is in view of this that Vim Lady has asked the New patriotic party to take a closer look at how they communicate with the masses.

According to the government should find refined way of communicating with the people of Ghana with respect to how our problems are been fixed.

She particularly commended the vice President for coming out with over seventy reasons to point to the fact that ,the NPP is fixing the nation.

She was speaking on her Saturday morning show on UTV called critical issues.

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