The african countries where a girl’s chest is flattened with hot hammer, stone and other tools


It is sometimes very sad to see a lot of outmoded cultural practices in Africa still being practiced in this 21st century with people becoming civilized whiles others refusing to let go their ancestral norms and cultures.

The sad part is that it is mostly women who are victims of these gruesome and outmoded cultural practices which gives them pain, sorrows and trauma.

It is the process whereby most family heads use hot tools such as hammers and metals heated in very high furnace to press down the ‘breast’ young Adolescent girls to render them unattractive by men till they are of age and are ready to marry.

This is usually practiced in African countries such as Guinea Bissau , chad , Togo and very common in Cameroon in local communities and villages with high illiteracy rate.

Though the motive of this practice is to save the girls from any form of unchaste activities or probably fornication, it has a lot of disadvantages such as pain and trauma and may even lead to diseases such as breast and chest cancer.

The heated tools used in performing these practices may contain germs or probably blood of HIV positive people and are badly changed or even sterilized which may infect other innocent children.

The scars left as a result of these experiences leave the children in pain most of the times and they find it had to even take their regular baths.

The constant heat destroys the milk producing enzymes in the chest of the women thereby finding it difficult to breastfeed their babies later in the future when they get married.

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