Photos: Destiny Etiko, Harry Anyawu, Lizzy Gold, Mary Igwe, others on the set of 'Marriage War'


Destiny Etiko said that this movie titled 'Marriage Wars' is amazing, she said she has fun on the set and she went as far as appreciating the crew for her experience on the set of the movie. She had fun indeed, especially when she was with Harry Anyawu, "The Man With The Pedigree."

Many things happen behind the scenes of a movie that the audience will not get to see in the movies and that is what makes behind the scene footages special.

This movie 'Marriage War' has amazing actors like Mary Igwe, Destiny Etiko, and Lizzy Gold who played an amazing trio. Other actors include Sunny Richie, Maleek Milton, Angel Palazzo, Harry Anyawu, Oge Okechi, and many others.

The movie is full of entertainment, there are scenes of marriage, aircraft, ladies posing as men, and many other interesting scenes.

It was directed by Nelly James and produced by Unas Movies. Will you be looking forward to it like me?