Do Not Drink These Before Bedtime

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I know, it can be hard, but alcohol is actually a no-no when we are about the life of having a great sleep cycle. While having a glass of red wine can leave you feeling very sleepy, all type of alcohol is actually very disruptive to your sleep cycle and has negative effects on your later REM stages. Hence for everyone working on getting a great and healthier body, steer clear of alcohol before hitting the sheets.


Okay, we all know Soda isn't good for anyone due to its many scary side effects, however, are we also aware of how bad it is for falling asleep. Soda is packed with sugar which in turn leaves you awake and even if you manage to fall asleep, causes you to have a restless sleep. So why put yourself through all of that stress when you can simply stay off Soda before going to bed?

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