Greed, Impatience, Distrust And Hatred Are Impediment To Nigeria Growth - Archbishop Sam Zuga.



The best way to solve a problem is to identify that problem. That is why the best Medical Doctor must need a medical laboratory result before prescribing medicine for your sickness.

The above mentioned elements are the causative agents of decadence in Nigerian society.

Everybody in Nigeria is a suspect. No one is trusted. We need success overnight. No patience to follow the process. Hatred everywhere. That is why I am going through what I am going through in this project.

I was coming back from Dubai with a genuine thirst and hunger for transformation. These four elements are the stumbling blocks. 

I wanted to create a community that I will have the final voice, so that I can release my potentials. I am hated by some people in this same community. Iam a suspect in this same community. Some people want to outsmart me in this same community. Many people are believing that I came to dupe them and they suspect everything I do and question every decision I take. We can't succeed this way.

I spent over 500m in this project so far, just to ensure that there is a change in Nigeria and Africa. Instead of joining hands with me, Government started fighting me, the public started warning people against me, members of my community started suspecting me. Many people are very careful with me. People have already raised up their hands, open their mouths and are only waiting to shout at my failure. By so doing, another Nigerian will be afraid to embark on a rescue mission.

But remember, many Nigerians who went abroad for Medical treatment ended up being treated by Nigerian Doctors working abroad.

We can still do it right as Nigerians. Let us believe and support ourselves. Even if I am not doing it right, instead of mocking and condemning, you can add your knowledge and it will become right. We can be greater than America and China.

We have to do something fast within ourselves before we will start another BLAME GAME.

Archbishop Dr Sam Zuga (Jehovah's Field Marshall)


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