Great Relief to Parents After Ministry Issued Directive on School Fee

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Officials from the ministry of education have delivered some appropriate information to dads and moms in advance of the contemporary opening of schools.

According to a trendy newspaper, principals and instructors have been warned now not to send any scholars home for school charges. Instead, they have been advised to negotiate a formula on how they will pay this sort of cash as long as college students continue to be in class.

Heads of colleges have additionally been reminded to restore their school expense account and make certain that all dads and moms who paid extra college costs are both refunded or the cash is carried forward.

Principals who will no longer obey these directives are warned of extreme punishment if discovered. Term two will last eleven weeks, beginning today and ending on December 23rd of this year, with students taking a break for an excursion before returning for the final third of the term.

The ministry has long gone in addition to warning instructors to charge any greater cash that is no longer in a round that used to be despatched to them. That pass has been termed unlawful and will be dealt with for that reason if it is determined to be doing such a thing.

Professor Magoha's ministry is currently fighting a war to implement a competency-based total education design that is causing chaos in the country after mothers and fathers complained about having to do a lot of work instead of the instructors taking charge of the studies.The case is presently in court waiting for dedication by the judges.


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