"I've Slept Hungry, Lived In Slums, My Passion is to Help Poor People " Tuko's Host Narrate


Tuko's host by the name Lynn Ngugi has narrated what she had gone through before she joined Tuko stories where her aim to help the families which are poor.

According to Lynn, her parents separated when they were still young and her mum had to take care of them although it was a struggle where she claims they lived in slums and they could even sleep hungry.

Lynn claims they even be chased away from school due to lack of school fees but this did not hider her from achieving her goals. She claims she even repeated class eight since her mother could not afford fees.

Despite the difficulties she went to a high although not of her choice but she worked hard and she manged to attend a university where she did her media course but things got worse since there was no job opportunity.

Lynn started working with tuko in the year 2017 after she did a report concerning politics and she was by the management and this how she started her show where she has been an inspiration to many people.

Lynn claims her aim is to help all the needy people since she has gone through alot while growing up and every time she hosts a story and Kenyans help she feels very happy because she understands the pain.


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