Raila Receives a Tough Message From Savula Not to Go For Presidency but to Backup Mudavadi come 2022


Lugari member of national assembly has once again hit Raila's camp by asking him not to go for Presidential seat come 2022 but to relinquish the seat to others.Talking in Khwisero Subcounty in kakamega county he has asked ODM Party leader Raila Odinga to step down and support other political leaders come 2022.

To add on,hon Ayub Savula has asked Musalia Mudavadi not to step down or to support anybody come 2022.He is a man enough to rule Kenya but not to give any political leader a backup come 2022 in whatever means.He has done it several times but now if he Choose to support other political leaders for Presidential seat then he must forget about the luhya as their Kingpin.

Since ODM Party leader Raila Odinga has been receiving support from Musalia Mudavadi in the past conducted presidential elections,it is now a very good time for him to support Musalia as the successor of president Kenyatta.It is not a time to remain selfishness but to be proud for and he must be ready to support them as well.

He said so because Raila Odinga has been trying his level best to clinch the top seat but all was in vain as he landed in opposition leadership.His opponents have been seen Clinching the top seat in broad daylight and therefore he has to relinquish the top seat to his fellow non other ANC party leader Musalia Mudavadi.

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