The Education System Of Ghana Teaches Ghanaians How To Speak Only English- Okatakyie Afrifa.


According to Okatakyie Afrifa Mensah, who is a Ghanaian media personality and former radio host at Happy Fm, the state of the educational system in the country is very poor and does not prepare Ghanaian for the future.

Yesterday, he was Smart tv’s “Smart Show” host by Captain Smart, where he complained about how the educational system of Ghana as a developing country is not helping the country to move on in terms of development.

He went on to say that the education system teaches Ghanaian only how to speak English and memorize theories instead of giving the ordinary Ghanaian a skill that he or she can use to help the country develop. He even said that he is not happy with the fact that the polytechnic school have been turned into universities.

He also said that as a developing country, there must be a lot of jobs for citizens but the education system does not teach those jobs in our schools.

Do you agree with the claims of Okatakyie Afrifa concerning the state of our educational system?