For The First Time In Many Years, Netizens Defend President Uhuru After This Was Said About Him


Kenyans on social media platforms have been for along time now displaying their low regard for President Uhuru Kenyatta since they started losing faith in his Presidency some years back. His news updates are always greeted with a barrage of criticism and ridicule from Kenyans.

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But for once, netizens have joined hands and decided to back his excellency. This is after a lady Evelyn Ikandi from Mombasa County, posted how she always wanted to start a support group for women who are dumped after having children with prominent men, both in Kenya and in the world at large.

A few days ago, Evelyn did hit the headlines after she confessed to have had a relationship that with Uhuru. She goes further and claims that they had two children together and Uhuru has been a dead beat Dad ever since. But she was faced with praise and curses in equal measure.

Despite the usual trend where people always condemned dead beat fathers, this time they decided to defend the President, something that was so unexpected. Below are some of the responses on Evelyn's post;

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