"I Borrowed N58,000" - Lady Cries Out In Bank After N58,000 Goes Missing In Her Account


In a new video that is now going viral, a young lady was seen throwing tantrum in a bank after she screamed out that her money was allegedly missing from her bank account. In the video, the lady was caught creating a scene by lashing out at everyone while repeatedly saying that her 58,000 Naira which she borrowed had gone missing as she tried to withdraw from the bank.

All attempts by the onlookers and the bank staffs to calm her down was pointless as it seemed that she was already restless and at the verge of tears.

Watch the video by clicking on the link below.


The video which went viral on social media received comments from many Nigerians who were displeased by the banking system and how they unjustifiably remove money from their customer’s accounts, while some said that it could be a false play by the lady.

See some of the comments below.

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