Mutura: The History Of Kenya’s Most Popular Street Food, How It Is Made


In Kenya, mutura must be the most consumed street food, mostly sold in the evening, the delicacy otherwise known as ‘African sausage’ is made from of an intestine encased mixture of minced pieces of cow or goat meat.

The yummy delicacy is flavored with onions, salt, and pepper (kafirifiri).

Pieces online indicate that mutura was popular decades back when it was served alongside other meals on important ceremonies including dowry negotiations and circumcisions.

In the aforementioned ceremonies, men would slaughtered a goat or a cow, wash the intestines and fill them with boiled minced meat that has been mixed with blood.

The filled intestines would at this point be placed on a grill to slowly dehydrate.

The tradition has been maintained to date, with the meal now a common fixture by the roadside within the middle or lower class residential areas in many parts of the country.

Besides, mutura contains proteins and calcium that aids in building body tissues andease digestion.

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