Heartbreaking: Another member of Bushiri church died. See what happened

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Not so long, we learned of the passing away of one of the Major prophet's apostle Bhuka who was shot while he was praying at the prayer mountain preparing for the new year's grand opening or entrance.

It is not known who killed the Apostle until today. Another death has stolen a ECG church member again now taking the life of a very young lady who was a worshipper in the house of the Lord and a sister to many women of God. It is not yet revealed as to what's the reason behind her death but this shows a dark cloud is hovering around ECG church. Is it maybe there is something that the church has done wrong, or is the Prophet's wrong doing that are bringing all this bad luck, or is that God is testing the faith of the congregants of the church????

Ever since the prophet and his wife left South Africa, a lot of people are dying and it seems to be the young people whom the Bible says they should give birth and multiply the number of living creatures. Why would God be taking them away when He is the one who gave them a task of multiplying???




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