Lady threatens to commit suicide after writing JAMB 5 times without gaining admission


A lady in Facebook has come out to express her disbelief after claiming she was denied admission into the University yet again. According to her, she has now registered JAMB and is set to seat the exams for her fifth time. She also says that this time, this will be her last hope (towards getting an admission), she then included the word "suicide" in a bracket, indicating that she may commit suicide if she fails the exams again.

See her post;

Lucky for her, there were a lot of good wishers in the comments section who comforted her and gave her hope towards her upcoming exams. The comments generally indicated that suicide was never an option as there are many other steps to take towards getting admitted by a university in Nigeria.

See some screenshots from the comments section;

A commenter above stated that she should go for a less competitive course when selecting the course she intend to study in the university. if she abides by this advice she may have an higher chance of getting admission into the University. But ofcourse she'll have to read and prepare for her JAMB exams so she can score a reasonable score.

Suicide on the other hand should NEVER be an option whenever you start loosing hope - not only to the lady in this article, but to everyone else reading this. If at a point in your life you start feeling suicidal, seek help from a therapist, a friend, or a family member. Taking your own life will literally never do you any good.

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